Sugar Heighton

Until July 27, 2016

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Sugar's Final Moments

When I first learned that Sugar was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure two years ago my heart started crumbling. I began to worry how much time I would have with her as her prognosis was only 6 months, however, Sugar was no ordinary dog. Last Spring she became violently ill, had to be connected to an IV 24/7 and was hospitalized for three days. Spring of 2016 X-rays showed that her left Atrium had ballooned crushing her airways and Sugar was diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis on top of her heart condition. Dr. Power had never seen anything like it and was amazed at her appearance and spirit.

As her condition worsened I began to realize the heart breaking reality that her time was fast approaching. I decided to have portraits taken and I asked Sugar to hold on just a little longer. We managed to capture Sugar and Honey together and individually but as I picked Sugar up to take some pictures with her she passed within a few minutes. Sugar has truly amazed me as she fought her hardest until the very end. She even went for a walk, ate and did her usual routine the day she left us.

You’re never truly prepared when it happens but I will always be astonished that she held on until the very moment I had asked her to. I am so blessed to have held her as she took her final breaths so I could comfort her and I want to thank Wilson Machuca for the amazing work he did given the difficult circumstances. I didn’t get a chance to take any portraits with Sugar but I feel she left when she did as a sendoff to Honey and I.

Sugar was the sweetest, most loyal dog and anyone who met her had a special bond beyond that of just any ordinary dog. I rescued her so my sister dedicated Refugee by Tom Petty to Sugar at her wedding in 2014 How many dogs have a tribute song - until we meet again my little refugee <3

Thank you Yaletown Pet Hospital for caring for Sugar and this special gift to share her final moments.


Sugar 's Guest Book

  • Jenn Robin

    Spruce Grove, AB, Canada

    Sugar you will always be our little refugee and everytime I hear that song I will think of you. We love and miss you ❤️

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